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machine shop in canada

metal fabrication in a canadian machine shop


With a resurgence in production and natural resource inventory, manufacturing and manufacturing tools are gaining steam.  Machine shops in Canada have a great reputation for quality and innovative work. Many locally operated shops have sophisticated machines that will do multiple tasks from one machine.  This allows better tolerances to be machined as the metal being worked on doesn’t get moved.  www.CanadaMachineShops.com is a good source for locally owned machine shops that will bore, cut, weld, bend and coat metal to your specifications.




Farms and farmers are increasingly under legislative and social pressure to produce more abundant crops with less pesticides and herbicides. Past production and waste storage has oftentimes polluted the soil and water. Added to this is the mandate to clean these polluted sites and to decrease environmental damage on current farm operations. manure pile transformed to fertilizer

A company with an online presence – www.healthyfarms.info – has taken the recent advances in molecular and chemical engineering and manufacture 100% certified organic products that increase crop production by strengthening plants to resist pests, weather extremes including drought, and decrease “inputs” – the chemicals and other factors farmers integrate with the crops.  Another product carried transforms polluted soil by removing heavy metals, “eating” and transforming pollutants, and increasing soil fertility.  Healthy Farms also transforms settling ponds from a polluted, pathogen carrying mess to a clean water system – usually within a month.



prevent slip and fall accidents

Slip and falls cause injuries

Slip fall accidents are the second largest injury expense for insurance companies – right behind vehicle accidents. It used to be that if you slipped and fell, you got up quickly and hoped no one noticed.  But slipping on a slippery or greasy tile floor can cause extensive injuries – even death.  More than one in three seniors die from related trauma (ie: broken bones) from a slip fall accident. Literally billions of dollars in lost production and accident & health payments are made yearly in the States.  A proprietary system used by Anti-Slip Solution BC (www.antislipsolution.com or www.antislipsolution.ca) makes slippery and greasy tile floors safe to walk on – even when wet.  Using their anti-slip system, the tiles are treated to create micro grooves in the tile.  This doesn’t cause any damage to the tiles, but prevents hydroplaning, much like the tread on a car tire disperses the water.  This system is good for greasy kitchen floors as even with grease, the floors are safe to walk on.  Additionally the non slip system is used in bathtubs to prevent slip accidents. Another company – www.antislipfloors.info – also does excellent work.  All three companies work predominantly with commercial buildings and restaurants, but will help homeowners as well.


Going “Green” and eliminating organic waste (food waste) while recognizing the potential environmental damage if

How to turn food into water

Turn organic waste into water

the food waste ends up in a land fill is a concern of municipalities. This also means organic waste disposal is also a concern with households and commercial businesses.  Currently, organic waste is taken to an area to make fertilizer or incinerated.  The capital cost of either system is immense.  To make fertilizer, there is the cost to businesses and municipalities through assorted transportation fees (tipping, hauling, etc) as well as the “best use” for the land needed to make fertilizer.  The fertilizer making company also has capital costs of machines to turn over the organic piles, eliminating water and soil pollution,  capital costs for methane recapture and sale, for example.  And then the sale of the fertilizer.  Incineration has its own capital costs with projected income making this endevour maybe breakeven.  And this is without the pollution being factored in.   Another environmental (and financially superior) alternative is to convert the food waste to water. Food waste is predominantly water, and converting the waste to water has to be tested and allowed by municipalities. The water can be reused or flowed down a drain. www.eatwaste.com is licensed and has a system several generations ahead of the competition. As an organic digester, the system is integrated into a commercial kitchen.  Rented or purchased, these machines are a great financial alternative to dumping into a bin and paying increasingly for tippage and hauling fees.  As well, getting rid of the organic waste immediately means no smell, no flying pests, no rodents.


Latex mats give best sleep

sleep better with a latex mattress

With an aging population and the attendant aches and pains related to aging, many people are having trouble falling asleep.  Often medications are needed.  Lack of sleep is major problem within modern society. An overlooked factor is the sleep system used.  Mattresses come in assorted systems – springs (four basic spring systems), foams including memory foams, specialized beds such as water beds, air beds, futons.  Research and consumer feedback has shown that a latex mattress is a far superior sleep system compared to other sleep systems.  Latex conforms to the body so there are no pressure points, no heat problems you get with a synthetic (ie: foam) mattress, no offgassing other beds give (latex is an all natural product).  There is litle or no energy transfer (fancy way of saying you won’t feel your partner move).  Latex mattresses tend to last twenty years or more.  Compare that to a spring bed…  A good source of latex mattresses is www.vancouverlatexmattresses.com. They are a local vancouver bc company, but have lots of information on their website.  They can also ship throughout North America.


Financial planning is a field people need to know of.  Although everyone has their expertise, knowing how money works and how to be financially successful is needed. Currently, more than 40% of Canadians are in trouble if they miss ONE paycheque. More than half have less than $300 in their bank account.  Financial planners can show how life insurance products can protect a family if there is an untimely death, how to help with estate planning, how to help businesses with succession planning or group insurance or even critical illness products.  Mortgages are seemingly simple, but not.  There is more to look at than the annual interest rate. Retirement programs through RRSPs and TFSAs can make a big difference when it is time to retire, or retire early. Investment advice – whether big or small savings – can make a difference between retiring comfortably or not.



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